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I have tried Self-Diagnostic Mode on my tddi 2001 like "toyo" recomended:
1.To enter the instrument cluster Self-Diagnostic Mode simultaneously press and hold the tripmeter reset button and turn the ignition switch to position II.
2.When TEST is displayed in the LCD release the tripmeter reset button
3.The instrument cluster will enter the gauge sweep test.
4.To navigate through or skip any of the instrument cluster Self-Diagnostic Mode tests press the tripmeter RESET button.
5.The self-test is deactivated when the ignition switch is turned to the OFF position or when the tripmeter reset button is pressed and held for 5 seconds.
6.If Self-Diagnostic Mode cannot be accessed use WDS to diagnose instrument cluster.

Everything is ok but can somebody tell me meaning of message ERR 0126 .Does enybody have the translation of error codes?
Thank you in advance

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just checked mine and it says the same , i might be wrong but i think you are expecting this to be an error of some kind , i suspect you are wrong but i cannot say for certain , the post above this is the key i reckon , if it flashes dtc none then you are ok :L
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