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Self levellers

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:idea: Guys, im assuming my motor has self levelling shocks as its a 51 plate ghia x estate.
They seem ok at the moment although i do notice the back seems to skip a bit sometimes when hitting bumps mid-corner.
Question is?? could they be replaced with uprated springs and standard shocks when the time comes, what's the benefits of self levellers?? are they there mainly to compensate for towing??,iv'e seen the price off Ford for the self levelling shocks :shocked:

Any advice greatly received
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If you replace the springs and shocks you should be OK.

The self levelling springs are softer and the car will sag more when you load the back.

Self levelling is not just for towing, Any load in the rear will cause normal suspension to drop, Estates being worse due to the extra length behind the axle.
Self levelling shocks jack themselves up as you drive so the car stays level.

More stable and safer in theory.

Not checked mine yet but it seems to handle better than my old hatchback.

Understeers less, wheelspins less and that back end must be glued to the road.
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