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Sem screws / bolts

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Went into a fastener specialist yesterday expecting to easily get a replacement for the bolts that hold down the coolant expansion tank, arrowed in the pic below. I need something with the same thread but 10 mm longer so I can add some vibration isolation.

They said they were "sem" bolts, which have permanently captive washers for assembly line efficiency, and also said that the thread was something weird that they couldn't replace. Obviously I would replace it with a normal bolt + washer, but since I don't know what the bl**dy thread is I have no idea what to look for. All I can tell is they have 10 mm hex heads.

Anyone happen to know what they are and what to type into Google...?

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Does your car have the "plastic bonnet resonator" the bolts that hold that inplace are the same type and quite long.
The what now?
Early Mk3's had them,they are fastened to the underside of the bonnet near the back,big plastic oblong shaped box.
Nope, the under-bonnet sound-proofing goes right back on mine and don't see any boxes.
Try your local fasteners stockist,or have a mooch around a breakers yard,see if you can find owt suitable.
this is the box mick means

your local stealers hould be able to let you see the bolts that fit them inplace & compare em to your needs if you ask em ( may also search through the parts box's for various other models as they may have something that will fit the bill lurking round ( i know my local stealer had to bring one of every sump nut they had in so i could pick the type i had lost into the oil drainage tub when doing the oil change as the computer listed one was completely wrong :} )
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Those are hex headed self tapping screws roughly M6 thread size iirc, Ford have used them for years, my old capri has a few in the engine bay. You can definately get them in longer lengths as I'm sure I've got some, I have seen the longer ones in DIY stores as that kind of fastener is used as heavy duty masonery etc fixings,try googling/ Ebaying hex head self tapping and go from there.

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