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Service plan

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Hi - do you think the service plan below is worth it - it's from my local Ford Dealership and is for a 56 plate 2.o petrol and looking at the service schedules seems pretty thorough.

thanks in advance


Schedule of services to be offered by the dealer
Item No. Item type Service / Maintenance components
1 50.0k miles/48 Mths Schedule, Required parts & fluids are included,excluding wear & tear items

2 62.5k miles/60 Mths Schedule, Required parts & fluids are included,excluding wear & tear items

3 75.0k miles/72 Mths Schedule, Required parts & fluids are included,excluding wear & tear items

Service Plan â€" payment schedule

Retail Price* : £ 490.00
Your contribution* : £ 0.00
Dealer contribution* : £ 0.00

Your Invoice Total* : £ 490.00
*(including VAT at the appropriate rate, if applicable, at the time of servicing).
Method of payment: Direct debit over installments
Initial Monthly Payment occuring on 19/02/2010 : £ 25.12
Further 6 Monthly Payments of: £ 25.04
Further 19 Monthly Payments of : £ 16.56
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take it to none fraud garage and get quotes :beer:
Dude - get yourself a haynes manual, then you can do it all for under £200, including purchase of tools you will have for life!
Watch the "wear and tear" items - get a list of what they say they are. You might be surprised what is on this list. Means you are on your own for tyres, clutch, brakes (discs and pads), joints, bearings, etc. Quite a lot actually.

IMO it is expensive for just fluid changes and filters. Do it yourself if you can.

The other side of the coin is that future buyers may pay more for dealer serviced vehicles. Check this out too.

Anyway, that's just my opinion.

What do you actually get for your £490?

3 air filters & 3 oil filter & change & one fuel filter?

I was looking at a service schedule offered by one of the tyre chains & most of the items are checks only. They check your air & pollen filter, If it needs replacing its all extra.

It turned out you were paying them £150 for an oil change and a list of other work they want to fleece you for.

Do read the small print and ask questions get answers in writing.
i got a deal from ford 2 weeks ago i payed 89.99 upfront to them
i get a main service with a free car for the day
a minor service
a mot, break check,alinement check,aircon check

all in that price i do have to pay for parts myself bought from them but even that is not going to be to bad as i always use ford parts when doing it myself anyway
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