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Servicing bits

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Now looking to collect parts for servicing my ST200. Gonna do the oil & filter, air filter, spark plugs and possibly the ht leads.

Just wondering if anyone had recommendations for any aftermarket parts to use instead of the standard ford ones ?

IIRC people have mentioned NGK plugs and the K&N replacement panel filter in previous posts, please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong :laugh:
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Check this out on ebay.. Genuine ford parts for a very good price including oil..
Edit *** They do the same kit for the ST etc sorry the link points to the Cougar..
Good price for genuine parts ! Went through their listings but couldn't find the kit for the Mondeo but maybe I missed it.

Will keep that in mind but I was wondering if I'd get any benefits from using aftermarket parts over the ford ones.
Contact them through their shop, the chap is a Cougar owner and a member on south coast cougars, also does ST200 wishbones for a VERY good price..
I'll send over an email in a bit and get a price for the service kit. Fortunately my wishbones are solid at the moment but will be very handy for future reference as I hear the wishbones for the 200 can be a bit pricey
the cougar v6 and mondeo v6 are the same engine ;)
£107 delivered for 200 wishbones. better than ford. nice one. :)
So should I go with the ford pack or get a mixture of ford and aftermarket stuff ? Need your opinions !
ford stuff lasts for yonks, get ford where possible imo.
If you can go with genuine then I would every time..
I didn't want to suggest they were the same (even though they are) in case the spark plugs are a different spec, if you get my drify..
I can vouch for the company as I have ordered lots from there and always get next day delivery..
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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