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shaking when i brake

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:annoyed: hi all got a 2001 mondy 2.0L petrol and i'm on my 3rd set of brake discs in 3000+ miles! any ideas what can cause i've owned a few fords and i'm a heavy braker at times aren't we all!? but i've evn changed my driving habits to avoid same happening again. pads are fine infact hardley touched and although alot of people may say calipers would that not mean the calipers would be hot to touch if sticking after hard braking? any ideas???
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also forgot main problems lol car drives fine until i brake then the steering wheel shakes hard when braking especially from high speeds also it'll rip to the left slightly. theres no noises and i dont feel anything differant through the pedal just through the steering wheel and sometimes whole dash!
clean all the crap off the calipers
the slidesr
the caliper carriers
the hub faces
make sure everyting moves about as it should do before you put new discs and pads in
then bed the new pads in before you press heavily ont he brakes
Is it a Mk2 or Mk3 Mondeo? Being 2001 may be Mk3?

Are you using genuine discs or pattern parts?
its a mk2 2001 just as they were bringing out mk3 i bedded the brakes in gently and the garage to be fair have tried 3 diff brand discs
Have you had the wheels balanced?
What's the condition of the suspension components? Wishbone bushes etc?
Hi having same problem .Had knew front pads fitted as thay said that one of the calpers had siezed one one side .And now i am getting the same shaking when i am brakeing hard .
Hmmm, i had a similar problem, i was advised that it was the lower suspenion arms, so i changed them, still had the wobbles, i then noticed that one of the rear disk's was breaking up on the inside surface, so i changed them along with the pads, nope still had the wobble,
mot time, the tester said i had uneven breaking on the nearside front, probably a warpped disk, so a changed them and the pads, bingo, all working as it should

I have same problem and i have new disks and disk jaws...still shaking. So finally I drive my Mondy MK2 (1997) to my repair master :driving: . He said that some sort of holder of the disks (thing which holds disks in place) is tired and must be replaced.
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