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SHOCKING price for shock absorbers

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It sounds/feels like my shock absorbers are either on their way out or are totally knackered, especially the rear ones. My main dealer wants in excess of £300 for EACH of the rear shocks as they are self-levelling.

Does anyone know if it's possible to fit the standard £40 shock absorbers to the rear if the car was originally fitted with self-levelling shocks???


Does anyone know a supplier of patent-part self-levelling shocks that are reasonably priced???

I'm thinking it's probably not going to be a good idea to try to get hold of a pair of second hand ones as they might not last that long, that's if I can find them in a scrap-yard in the first place!!!
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You can change the shocks for standard ones but you will also need to change the springs.

Self levelling springs are softer and will sag more.

Not sure of any non ford ones, I know monroe used to do self leveling and adjustable shocks but not seen them advertised these days.

£232.17 at europarts. sachs brand.
This one is for you....just find who is the dealer for this brand of shocks in your country and that's it...This is the best quality shocks..
IMO ECP is the best price you'll get. Welcome to the world of self levelling. Nivomats are not cheap in the slightest (I believe that's what Ford use, the Volvo units basically).

I would keep them if you can despite the cost. For many an occasion, the car's handled great all round despite the situation. Try a Porker 944 3.0 engine in the back of one with the car feeling as if it wasn't almost there. No arsend sunk down onto the ground (I was surprised to see the car stay at near enough the same height!). Even with people in the back it's not miles worse.
ECP are best for Bilstein, ZF and Sachs. They import and distribute them in the UK.
one of mine went tits up, had to bite the bullet and by from Ford only people that make them, but check fordparts uk for price !
I have an estate and as a temporary measure had normal shockers put on the back,it looked like my car was doing a wheelie! One of my shockers was leaking and i was quoted £250 for one so replaced the lot with a spax lowering kit for the estate
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