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Shocks, I think

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Have been having allignment problems since i hit a pothole in january this year. A 4 wheel allignment resulted in adequate values being achieved but the problem persisted. Allignment guy said that all suspension components were fine

So had the rear subframe bushes (4) replaced (a common problem on the mondeo) and the car seemed to become more solid after this. My mechanic also checked everything else while doing this and diagnosed that the inner tie rod ends were shot. Replaced these and went to allignment guy for allignment. He then said the the outer tie rods needed to be replaced as well. Mechanic says they arent sufficiently bad to require replacement but going to do them anyway. The allignment guy should have noticed these when he was doing the allignment three weeks ago in my opinion.

Anyway another issue, have a creaking rattling noise coming from the left rear when going slow over bumpy roads. Not :angryfire: present at all on m/way. Mechanic thinks shock and the noise can be simulated using the bounce test although the car does return to position in just one bounce and cant see any leakage in or around the shock. Noise is pretty bad. I was thinking that it may even be anto roll bar drop links or bushes.
Has anyone encountered this problem before?
Also inquired in local motorfactors about getting monroe shocks for 18' wheels and he said that he didnt have them for that wheel size and rang monroe to ask if they did them. Reply was no and he had no other make for that wheels size. Any recommendations for this?

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