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Sill rubber strip

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Hi guys,

Does anyone know how the rubber strip that runs along the sill comes off as i've found a bit of rust and think it will be easier to repair with it out of the way. If i can't move it i will just have to mask around it.

I have added the picture above so you can see the offending area and if anyone has any tips on repairing then please share as paintwork is not my forte.

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pull it and it should come off.its held on with a sort of popper fixing.when they are all popped pull it out backwards so as not to bend it.
cheers mate, can't get pic to upload from photobucket, bloody thing!
Got it working, any ideas on the best way to repair the pic above?
wire brush on the end of a drill.if it goes deeper the only way is to cut the rot out and either weld in a plate or use filler.just make sure you treat all the live rust before you prime it.i did mine but it was just surface rust.took out the wheel arch liners and sprayed krust all over to stop it.its double skinned where you rust is so if you go through the top skin spray plenty of rust killer in there.
cheers for that. Was thinking of using the adaptors on my dremel tool for the job. I have kurust to treat the metal after the first part.

The lighter brown part is where i knocked a thin layer of rust off but it sounds quite solid of what's left. The rest of the scabby part i can take off with the dremel tool and hopefully it's not too bad underneath.

Would it be better to put filler over it or can i just paint straight over it?
See this thread by Essex Racer before you go too far

Another option :L
WOW, that's very involved. Mine doesn't seem to be as bad as Essex Racer's and this is the only bit of rust i have.

I can't justify buying the stuff he has at the moment so i will have to sand back the rust with my dremel tool and apply lots of kurust and see how it goes. If it comes back then i will probably invest in some decent rust remedy and start from scratch again.
I had tried kurust on other rusty areas before and it didn't work, which is why I went the bilt hamber route. It's not that expensive for the gel and it's a 1kg tub and I've only used half of it. You don't need the hydrate 80 if you use a zinc based primer instead. I only had normal primer (plus it's alot cheaper) and the hydrate 80 just gives it abit of extra protection. I will have to update that thread as it's been 6 months now and working very well IMO, given the winter we've had :)

Kurust just chemically converts the rust so really it's still there and you're just covering it up. Detox gel actually removes the rust, although you will get some doubters.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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