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silver air vents

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I have just sprayed the window de-misting air vents.
I have already done the air vent pegs in aluminium colour, as the rest of the interior is in aluminium colour, so I did not think the Ghia type chrome tipped pegs would match.

The closest colour I could get to match the aluminium colour of the car was Halfords Volkwagon Reflex silver. I had just bought a brand new gear knob, and it is an almost exact match to the silver on that (I took off the gear knob and took it into halfords with me :} .

I think the de-misters look nice in the silver colour, and are more of a feature than the standard black. But, they can reflect in the windscreen sometimes, so I will see if this annoys me too much before I decide if they are staying in the car.

Just thought I would put up some pics, to see what anyone else thinks of them. The quality is not brilliant, as I took the pics on my iphone.

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Good job. I wonder how they'd look in chrome :)
I am not sure how they would look in chrome, as the surface of the vents has a slight texture, and so may not spray up as shiny as a totally smooth surface.
I bought these vents from a fellow megger just in case I did not like the results, and kept the originals black, just in case lol
How did you spray the vent pegs without getting any spray onto the vents? Lot of paper & masking tape?

Looking cool, I must admit!
the vent pegs are very easy to spray...No masking tape required.
If you take the vents out, levering them from either side with a thin blade or screwdriver, they just pop out I think you have to have the vent pointing down as you do it).

The pegs themselves have two lugs that hold them onto the vent louvre. One above and one below the louvre it sits on. If you look from the back of the peg you can see the two lugs holding it on. (they are in the centre of the peg) I simply pushed a small screwdriver either side of the louvre, and this freed the lugs, and the pegs just slide off. To put the pegs back on, you just push them into place and the lugs snap shut.
Here is a pic of the peg from the back

You can just pull them off, but you have a fifty percent change of breaking the lugs, and then can't reuse the peg, plus it only takes a few seconds to take the vent out properly.
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Oh I see. Thanks for the explanation & pics dude, thats awesome.

Not sure how to edit my previous post, but can I ask if you "primered" the vent pegs prior to spraying?

I'm thinking of giving mine the treatment over the bank holiday weekend and wondered what method you used.
Cleaned them to remove any traces of grease.
Sprayed two coats of Halfords primer,
Two coats of silver,
Then one good coat of lacquer.

The paint needs the lacquer coat to become the exact right colour, plus I didn't want the silver to wear off in use, and the lacquer will protect it.

It may have been better to use a satin lacquer, but I already had gloss, so used that (the door handles are finished in a satin effect).

Hope that helps :)
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