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Hi all
After just having rebuilt the top end of my 2.0 94 Ghia estate
It will not idle . i bought the car off ebay for £30 ! , its now running but when all the vacuum hoses are connected it wont idle , if i take one of them ones off the back of the inlet manifold (just behind the Intake hole )
it will idle but at around 500rpm and pretty lumpy
Is there an idle control valve ? if so where and are they prone for this
I checked the T hose on the rear right hand side of the head but this was not perished, was clear and ok

Sorry forgot to add that i have no previous experience of this car , it was a non runner when i bought it ,so i have no idea what it was like before i got it

Any ideas ????


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The ICV is located under the engine, behind the sump. They usually get gummed up when they arent used - might be your problem. You can clean them with petrol, and test it by putting 12v over the terminals.

My website has some details about it

Otherwise, try un-plugging the MAF sensor. The ECU will go back to base figures and might sort your problem (or tell you that the MAF is faulty).

Sounds like electrics are ok, and that its an air/vac problem.

Let us know
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