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hi peeps im sure this has been mentioned before but i'll ask anyway (i did do a quick search)
Ive been offered a single DIN DAB radio for my MK2 2.0lx. im not completly sure of what else i would need to fit it? i know i'll need a fascia adapter and i think an adapter for the wiring of speakers?
my questions are, where can i get the adapter leads? where can i get a decent fascia adaptor and 3rdly will i need a new aerial to receive digital radio?

once thats been installed im planning on upgrading the door speakers, probably by getting some adapters and going for 16cms

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Halfords should be able to sort you with the Facia and Adaptor Leads. Dunno about the aerial tho.
All DAB radios, whether integrated systems or hideaway boxes, will require a DAB specific aerial. You can either get a combined DAB/FM aerial to replace the one you've got, or get a second DAB only aerial to sit alongside your FM aerial.

There are two types of DAB aerials available for the car:

* A body mounted aerial (which may mean drilling a small hole in the roof of the car).
On some cars you can use the existing manufacturer's mounting hole for a body mounted aerial as a direct replacement.

* A glass mounted aerial (which doesn't!)

Many car DAB radios come pre-packaged with a suitable aerial, but on some models, you will need to buy the aerial separately. There are so many variables involved in which aerial is right for you - from the aesthetic to the practical - that we suggest you to speak to your retailer who will advise which one is best for your car/radio combo.

Independent in-car audio dealers also sell aerials and can advise which one is best for you.

If you buy the radio from a non-specialist retailer, or perhaps online, you should contact the manufacturer to purchase an appropriate aerial.
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