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Size matters?

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Hi guys, I need your help! I have just bought off fleabay some original Ford alloys that were fitted to a st24. Now I want to fit these on my recently purchased MkII 2.0 LX auto, however, I need to know what size nuts do I need? and with what thread. I know some of you will be probably thinking what a thicko, but really this is all new to me. I'm sure someone out there has had this problem before and have been able to overcome it. I have searched the threads but without any luck.

Thank You
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I dunno the sizes etc, but make sure they are nuts for alloy wheels and not steel wheels otherwise they might eventually rip through the alloy as its softer.
Yeah, I realize that they have to be particular for alloys, but are these things a standard size or do different manufacturers use different sizes etc?
Marney said:
Thanks Marney, been off the forums for a bit so I have unfortunately missed these.
Marney said:
What do they mean by "floating washer"???
You'll see when you buy them. They are the correct ones. The washer can spin on the nut, whereas most after market nuts are just tapered nuts, no washer.
Yup :L
That`s great. Thanks very much for your help.


No worries :L

Tyre pressures are the same for the 16s, 31 psi all round.
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