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slight hunting on tickover and white smoke on start up.

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I have had no end of trouble with this tdci 115. Just briefly in the 2 years i have had it, i have had egr valve done. dm fly wheel, clutch and starter motor. Then last year a 2nd hand fuel injection pump. I noticed about a week or so after the pump was fitted that on start up there is a plume of white smoke and a slight struggle for the engine management light to go out, and for it to fire up. Then when stopping at lights etc, early on the hunting is quite bad, but then as she warms up it is only very slight and not all the time.

please could somebody advise what this could be?

Also i had a leek off test done prior to the pump being fitted, and i don't know the readings but the mechanic said they were not ideal, but should not be causing a problem.

Thank You in advance

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