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£: 120

P&P Cost: 35

Condition: used

Location: Bournemouth

I have read the rules: Yes

Vehicle: Mondeo 3
I have a set of 4 17" Ghia X alloys for sale, bought these to go on my LX which I sold over a year ago, and these have been sat around ever since.

They do have tyres fitted, 3 will need replacing, 1 has OK tread but is flat and no idea if it holds air, so lets assume it doesn't.

I also have a brand new set of nuts inc 4 lockers which I can include if you need them if upgrading from steelies.

I had advertised them on here before, and was asked if I will split, so we have a few options available, which are

1) you can have all 4 wheels and nuts for £150

2) you can have just alloys for £120

3) nuts would be £30

4) if 4 people wanted an alloy each, price would be £30 each

all the above are plus courier charges, which either you can arrange or I can sort via

All wheels suffer from various degrees of kerbing and scuffing, and if split first come gets the choice of which wheel they want, can't say fairer than that now.


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I'd be interested in the nuts as my lock nuts are crap and wheel nuts are all rusty despite being less than a year old!!
Is that £30 posted?

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This item was sold on!. This item has now been archived here. If an issue arises, then please reply directly to this topic. Thanks.
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