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Solution to Lowering MK3 ST Estates?

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Ok... was having a look on Euro Car Parts and noticed there are three different rear shock absorbers available for the 2.2 ST estate, now I'm thinking lowering the ST estate could be easier than we thought. At the moment some people lower with the self levelling in place (don't like this myself) or fit coilovers. Anyway these are the rear shocks available...

Bilstein Shock Absorber (Rear) £32.68
Sachs Shock Absorber (Rear) £232.17
BOGE Shock Absorber (Rear) £50.99

So my question is I'm guessing the Bilstein & Boge don't have the self levelling at that price, does this mean to lower the car I could fit this and then lowering springs? Anyone done this?

More details here:

Then there is this kit for the springs, but it seems to list the 2.2 TDCI with all other estates.,_2.0_With_Automatic,_2.5,_3.0,_2.0_DI,_2.0_TDCi,_2.2_TDCi_%282001+%29_%5BE10-35-004-04-22%5D/product_info.html

But now I've read the 2.2 TDCI need stiffer springs same as V6 models" I dont know which kit to buy now and if it'll even work.[E10-35-004-04-22]/product_info.html
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