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Sony 6cd in dash changer into pre-facelift?

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Hi All,

Would anyone be able to tell me whether the Sony 6 cd changer headunit would fit into the pre-facelift dashboard opening?

Also would the car's loom be compatible with it or will it require butchering?

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No it wont fit without cutting the dash and re wiring the plugs also the sony takes power from the eatc as its hooked into that aswell i have just done all this to my 03 car its not hard


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Did you change the heater controls too?
That looks a bit daunting, lol
yes mine had the standard manual controls as its an 03 zetec and its not too bad you would need
dash center to house sony 6cd
all new switches
facelift cd player
facelift gear surround and matching clock surround
facelift eatc unit
quadlock connector to make a patch loom for cd player
full center console that goes past the handbrake
2 side trims and middle gear trim
and a whole lot of spare time and a brave pill for cutting the dash
ps you may or may not need a facelift gem to make the indicators work with the new switch i did not need this but a mate who i did this for did
I forgot to ask you several times,do i need to change also the clock and the cupholder,or are they the same for facelift?
Also,the side trims of the centre console fit exactly at the same ventilation hole for the feet?The vent is in the same place for preface and facelift?
Can you take a picture with this side trims to see how the cut in the dash looks like ?
The clock is the same but the cup holder is different as it mounts from the front and i can take some piccys no problems
So,i have to buy a cupholder from a facelift? Or is there some way to make it fit?The switches for the heated seats and boot opening fit?Is there some other plastic or trim that i need for that?
Remembered something again,the quadlock diagram from the wiki is for sony or cd6000,or both?
some pics here not that great as its dark lol


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You were very fast :))Thaks.Can you aswer my questions please?I want to be fully prepared when i'll do this and have all the pieces.I have no garage to let may car over night with all the bits and pieces taken off so i will have to do this quickly.
Right the quad lock is the same for all facelifts i think i bought a cheap converter lead off ebay and made a patch lead from preface to facelift using the wikki as for the cupholder you would need a new one and the heated seat switch wont fit i fitted facelift switches as i have facelift red recaros fitted on my mates car i glued the switch fitting ring from a preface to the new dash piece hope this helps ps the boot switch fits [ its the only one that does lol ]
I saw couple of adds on ebay for heated seats switches and they say is for 2001-2007 mondeo.Are they not the same,they won't fit in the facelift console?They look exactly like mine.These ones i mean..


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no they wont fit the facelift console without modding a fitting ring to be glued on not a hard job
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