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Sorry..ANOTHER DMF question..How much to fit?

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Right peeps,

HOw much should i be looking at for fitment of my DMF....

I have the DMF, Clutch ect ect, got it for £300 plus the VAT...Bargin, its a LUK jobbie....just need it fitting. HOw much should i be looking at and how long should it take a good mechanic as its logged at a 6hr job...
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6hrs x £20/hr, if they will fit your parts....
mechanics dont really like fitted customers own bits as they make profit on selling the bits aswell as with labour so they normally quote silly prices for fitting your bits your right though it is a 6hr job as long the whole comes out easy

sounds good to me.
I have a few mates that are mechanics, so suppling my bits is what they prefer....

Just wanted a rough guide how much i am looking at
Hobby mechanics and full times ones earning some pocket money prefer customers to supply their own parts.

I always did.

If anything fails then its not my fault for supplying faulty parts.

That sounds a bit cheap for genuine LUK parts, Is that including the LUK clutch plate & diaghram and slave cylinder?

Euro quote..

Flywheel £240, clutch kit £140 Slave included.

Little bit dearer than your prices, Few people has said they are one of the cheapest places for genuine LUK parts.
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Mr Clutch quote £800 (inc vat)

take away 6 hours labour £800-£120 = £680 for parts

if they get the parts for £300 (trade) thats £380 plus £60 off the labour = £440 profit
My Mate owns a motorfactors so i get VERY good deals on parts.........

Genuine LUK parts.......
£20 per hour! thats cheap, i'd charge more like £30 to £40. garages make most of the profit from labour costs and its more like an 8 hour job for 2 fitters
20 quid an hour !! that's a bargain as dealers can charge over £40 an hour and usually mark up parts nearly 100%.
I just paid £450 for everything I needed, and me and a mate did the job ourselves, took 2 days (about 8 hours in each). I had been quoted around £800 - £1000 at a few local garages.
got a mate sorting mine for £150 next week.......

And he is fitting my new rear subframe at the same time too...

So thats New injectors and recode
New DMF and clutch
New rear subframe and bushes...

That should be everything i hope...
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