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Sorry to ask this.

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I know there are lots of threads on which grills fit which Mondeo's, but someone near me has one for sale (I don't know what type), and I want to know if it will fit my car, and don't have the time to do a long search.

I have a pre facelift 2003 TDCi LX. Which grills will actually fit onto it (I am happy to drill out/enlarge any holes)?

I am hoping it's a chrome one, and it will fit.

Any help welcome
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u can have the facelift chrome ones thatll fit the facelift (LIKE MINE) just having to enlarge the keyhole....

think the st one has a larger lower lip which would create an overhang
I bought and fitted ST grill to pre-facelift bumper and wasn't keen in the overhang. Wasn't much but would say similar to ST front bumper and needing ST wings in view of the over hang.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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