Ford Motor Company U.S. sales totaled 222,174 vehicles in August, up 0.4 percent from a year ago and the best August sales in eight years. Retail sales of 178,800 vehicles increased 2 percent, while fleet sales of 43,374 vehicles declined 6 percent. Here to explain is Ford Sales Analyst, Erich Merkle.

"We are managing to lower daily rental, our daily rentals sales last month were down 36 percent. F-Series had a great month, sales just over 68,000 vehicles, but it was down from the year previous because we are managing through our inventory, we are managing the inventory as we move through the change-over process that has just begun here at Dearborn Truck."

Both Fusion and Escape set records in the month of August, according to Merkle.

"If you take a look at the Fusion and you look at the Escape, both of those vehicles had their best-selling August and it is the best-selling year-to-date for both Fusion and for Escape, at total and at retail."

Fusion's bestselling August totaled 29,452 vehicles which was in increase of 19 percent and Escape sales of 28,996 vehicles were up 9 percent, while retail sales of Escape were up 23 percent. Meanwhile the Ford Explorer experienced a sales surge of 25 percent for the month of August, which is the best it's seen in 10 years.

"Explorer sales were great, they've been doing very well for us all year long, August was no exception, they were up 25 percent and we had our best August sales month since 2004."

Inventory and sales continue to build steadily for Lincoln MKC with 1,760 vehicles sold in the month of August. According Merkle, the strategy is going just as planned.

"We saw sales increase and expand towards the later end of August as we got more inventory out there in dealer lots. The vehicle is turning in just 13 days on dealer lots, so it's really hot, turning fast, but we're going to be really excited about September as we look at having good stock of MKC and launching our all-new national advertising campaign with Matthew McConaughey."

Lincoln sales are up 13 percent year-to-date through August, which is a pace expected to increase the rest of the year.