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Spark plugs

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Hi can anyone tell me which are the best spark plugs to use in my v6 mondy. At the moment it has NGK plugs in it, but the manual says use Bosch. When I was working at fords a very long time ago they said only use motorcraft plugs in their cars. As these are a pain to get at I don't fancy using the wrong plugs only to have to do them again if my preformance suffers .Thanks for your help.
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I did mine with NGK's about 6/7 months ago, No problems.
I've used the NGK's in the past and had no problems...Although this made me think..
hmmmmm well well.

Maybe the OP should look for that type then, although that info hasn't phased me much.......but better be safe than sorry.

In response to Terry Haines

...and,FWIW, spark plugs.
Yourignition system is a 'wasted spark' design and needs 'double plat' spark plugs.No trick or novelty type spark plugs.Std Ford Autolite or Motorcraft work best in these engines..

Had NGK PTR5D-10 in my ST24 since September, together with new leads they cured my awful misfire and it's been smooth as silk since :D
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