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Speaker covers replacement?

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Hi guys just a quick one, can the speaker covers that come on the mk2 door cards be removed and replaced? If so how?

Has anyone replaced them without breaking them? Any info appreciated thanks :)
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They have little plastic lugs on the other side of the door card. Just heat them up preferably with a soldering iron and bend them outwards. Remove grill, insert new one and reverse process. Just put the soldering iron on the tab and bend it easily.
Very similar to the 'How to' in my car diary on how I did the 2 tone door cards. Few pics in there that may help you.
Just as Marney said quite easy to do. Kills your soildering iron though :}
I did mine with a lighter as didn't have a soldering iron :} Killed 3 lighters
thanks for the info guys, i saw the tabs, just didnt want to break anything, but thats perfect, as for some reason these speaker covers seem to get broken pretty easy :tonofbricks:

but its nice to know that they can be changed and from what it sounds like without too much hassle :)
Yeah there was a company that made some modified ones some where a while ago now i will have a look see if i can dig out some pics.
thanks for the link buddy, did you buy those covers in the end? I like the look of the stock door cards, so i will have to have a go at replacing the speaker covers, as any little holes or cracks in them will stick out like a sore thumb ...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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