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Speaker interferrence

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Hi Guys. Recently installed my new Vibe components in my front doors. I already had a sub wired into a 4 channel mutant amp i got cheap off ebay which powered the sub well. I Got a 2 channel amp with the Components which were power matched so installed alongside the mutant one. I ran the power from the battery into a fused distrubution block and off into the 2 amps. As the mutant amp was remote was already wired into the stereo i just connected the new amp into the remote connection on the mutant amp to get the power on. I made sure all power was running down one side of the car and the speaker and rca cables were running down the other but when i turned on the stereo there was a lot of interferrence coming through the components. Like a whining noise. The new amp has a built in fan and thought is might be that but i've since wired the sub up to it and there is no interferrence. I got annoyed with it in the end and just connected the components to the head unit but they are powerfull speakers and are only getting 25w rms each and the minimum input on them is 75w rms so I can't help but feel i'm being short changed.There is no interference now they are running off the HU. Can anyone advise why i was getting this interferrence? I want to have them running off the amp that came with them but not sure what else I can do!!

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that sounds like altenator sound your getting ... could do with some sort of supresser .. as cheap amps do suffer with this problem
Can't be alternator as the car wasn't even running. THe amp isn't cheap either. £170 worth. Any other suggestions. Bad earth perhaps??
The best thing to do is remove all the signal wires (RCA) so long away as possible from any ofher wires and be sure the ground (minus) cables from hu and both amps is so short as possible and they must be connected direct the the chassis and dont connect the two amps minus to each oher and after that to the chassis.
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