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Speed signal - Pin connections for 6000CD

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I am looking into installing cruise control on petrol Mondeo from 2004.
Thinking of ordering AP500 cruise control.

Before I order, I would like to be prepared :)

- Can some help me finding the speede signal that is needed for installing cuirse control ??

- Does anyone have a complete overview/spec on the PIN connections for 6000CD ?

Casper (Denmark)
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Our wiki should answer both your questions:

Cruise control (pre-facelift, don't know how much is different for a facelift)

Quadlock pin out
Great - thank you Mark.
This forum is as you can see new to me :)

Ford wiki with loads of information - again Thank you Mark.

I will order the AP500 cruise control and get started :)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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