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see this link, explains the problem: Speedo fault info

had my speedo apart over the weekend and it was indeed the problem with mine, that same little resistor, but the bloody thing's tiny!!

rather than solder a bit of wire across it, went the simple way n just got a speedo from the local scrappy! lol

stating the obvious i know, but make sure its a diesel speedo, and also i'd take your old one out n look at it first, because i found there are two slightly different types of speedo n almost went away with the wrong one.

only downside now is it says 240odd thousand miles rather than 138,000 lol

all is fine now tho, picked up a few extras while i was there too lol, dash light dimmer switch n interior light with the map lights etc. good day all in all :driving:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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