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split boost pipe??

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while driving home, i gave the old girl a bit of welly away from the lights[car that is, not er indoors], and got a real loud hissing/whooshing sound[classic pipe failure, me thinks]..checked the pipe under the turbo, and the next one along..both fine.looks like a real t**t of a job to check the intercooler ones :angryfire: . i know the egr
pipe is a common one to fail, but i checked that one a month or so back when i blanked my egr off, and all was ok[aside from all the cuts and bruises i got from taking the damn thing off, :annoyed: could do with arms and hands of a 5 year old]..
mind you, that'd look a bit odd.. :eek13:
i hear the noise from the left side of the dash, when i open the passenger side window its real loud, open the drivers side, i still hear it, but not as much..i gave a garage a ring, to ask about
checking the intercooler pipes for me[i don't have the tools to get that involved]and he did say that it may be turbo related[dodgey actuator] :crazy:
i'v checked that and its moving on startup and while being reved[mine's the vac one]but, i can't see it making that sort of noise if it is faulty..

any thoughts???
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any sheets of black smoke on welly, or are you just hearing the turbo spin up, maybe an exhaust fault/hole?...
hi, thanks for smoke at all, just starts as turbo spools up at about 1600 rpm
with the pipe split there is way too much smoke, so i doubt its that

check yr exhaust as it sounds more like yr hearing the turbo itself
all three sections of the exhaust were replaced just over a year ago, and doesn't sound like a blowing exhaust, it's a distinct whoosh/hissing sound, but could it be the decat or manifold?? i'd have thought it would make the same sound as a blowing exhaust..i'll have a look in morning..

never had these sort of probs before, so all new to me.. :tonofbricks:
Get it sorted asap, I had a pipe split and it caused the turbo to prematurely fail. Car had done 40k. Split makes the turbo work hard.
i'v dropped it off at the garage today, so its just a waiting game now..i'll keep you posted. :kaffeetrinker_2:
wrapped mine in duct tape, £2 repair, never did use the £45 ford pipe (which they bought in for £5 i suppose)
all soterd now.. :driving: it was the s-shaped pipe that goes into the intercooler[the one i suspected]but could'nt get to..lack of the right tools.. :tonofbricks: i would've
had my car back on tuesday, but fraud sent the wrong one :annoyed: , and then said they don't have the one i need in stock[another day wasted].. :angryfire: still, at least i'v got my mondy back now... :laugh: cost £150 inc my oil & filters done at the same time..
so, as with all mk3's, just a waiting game for the next problem to manifest itself.. :confused:
so you didnt need a turbo then?
silicone hoses are your friend.
steveyc said:
silicone hoses are your friend.
i bet my hand-crafted bespoke duct tape wrapped are stronger than silicone, and
no, thankfuly the turbo is fine[for now] :driving:
if another hose goes south, i'll try the gaffer tape method :L , until i get a new hose..the one i needed was £65[a bit pricey if you ask me]but, thats main stealers for you.. :BEEP:
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