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Hi all,

I aim to mount spot lights near my fogs on mondeo mk3.

I would like to know the legal requirements for these, eg height, other measurements, light directions etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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From memory spots should not be below the bumper, there is a minimum height for them.

Also rules about them only coming on with the main beam or having warning lamps visible etc.

But these rules seem to change randomly.

It used to be illegal to have the rear fogs fitted less than 30cm away from the brake lights, but then

cars started having combined tail lights with the fogs built in.

They also brought in an MOT requirement for numberplates to have the dealers/plate makers

name and postcode. The problem is the start date they decided on didnt actually require this

so thousands of people were failing the MOT with original dealer supplied plates. They had

to withdraw that for a while.
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