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today i had to inspect front right susp and as i was suspecting the brakes for failing it happend to find that when i turn the hub forward i am getting this high pitched squeak from the other end - the diff. it is not loud and can't be heard from the cabin. It sounds like something is scratching or a spring. it happens only when the driveshaft rotates forward. i haven't tryed the other side for the same. Also another this is when i rotate the hub end there is some kind of knocking like when a driveshaft's cv joint is buggered but again this notchiness goes into the diff.
couple of weeks ago i changed the front wheel bearings and i was checking whether they are fine.
I' got a vibration on some motorway's sections above 70 like unbalanced wheels and vibrations sometimes on sharp bearking from 70 to 60. The brakes discs are suspect(they were fine for 18monts and 30k) but it all vibrations started when i replaced the front tyres(balances twice at different places).
Is it the diff giving up teh ghost?
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