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ST TDCi or Titanium X

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Hello all - Be Gentle, it's my first time.

I am currently car-less, my beloved Leon Cupra R was stolen in January and the insurance have now paid out.

I have chosen to go a 'sensible' and am going for a Mondeo. My choice is either the ST TDCi or Titanium X.

I assume they are almost the same car, the ST having the sporting look while the 'X' having the luxuries.

Is there really much difference between the 2, My heart says ST but my head says Titanium X. (Although part of me thinks the STs might have been thrashed somewhat)

Any help greatly appreciated as I am itching to get one.

Many thanks
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Welcome to MEG :L

I'll get this shifted to the Mk3 section so you get educated replies :L
Oops, sorry, and thanks.

I shall sit here and prepare for the flaming...
Thanks for that

I am going to look at this one tomorrow, I like the heat/cool seat option on the Titanium X. The overall look of the ST is slightly nicer and more sporting though. IIRC, the ST has auto (Xenon) lights, auto wipers etc, this sounds good but then could just me being lazy.

I guess I need to weigh up whether to go for laziness/sports look or the seats/comfort.
The later ST has auto lights and wipers but not sure about the earlier ones (pre-facelift). I could be wrong though and am sure someone else will be along to correct me if I am.

To be honest, the ST is well specced and the only thing I had on my previous mk2 Ghia X that the ST doesn't have was an electric sunroof but the ST has a couple of things that the Ghia X didn't have. It has everything I need; cruise, heated seats, 18" alloys, fogs, auto wipers and lights, electric seats, 6 speed box, folding mirrors, heated front screen (brilliant!), locking bonnet, bodykit, ESP etc etc. On top of that you get the performance, mpg and handling.
The xenon lights on the Mondeo's was an optional extra
same dilemma as i had last dec' i ended up with a tit x in the end, as i found the sts in my price range to generally have higher mileage. i initially thought i'd made a mistake and wished i had held out for the st. but now i think it is one of the best cars i have owned, :driving: people don't really regard the tit x as a quickish diesel like the st, and therefore you don't get the attention of the boy racers ( a bit of a stealth car if you like) but i love thier faces when you leave them standing :} !! IMHO I don't think there is much to choose between the two, just buy on mileage, service history & of course price, whichever one you go for they are a damn good car, let me know which one gets the nod
Drove up north to see the TitX, on the way stopped off in Stafford to look at I saw the ST I was also intererested, just as someone was coming back from a test drive..... and buying it.

I looked at the TitX and liked what I saw although there were some noises coming from the back wheels when driving and one of the wings didn't match the colour of the others.

Walked away, at the moment I am back to wanting an ST.
Hello again.... (Still wanting an ST)

I have just been contacted by a guy on eBay who is about to relist his ST.

Its an 05 model (facelift), however the reason I didn't go for it in the first place was because it didn't have heated seats.

I have never had heated seats so never missed them, not sure if i'd even use them, but part of me thinks the ST 'should' have them.

Secondly I still have a gut feeling about buying off eBay. (although I did buy the missus' car off eBay and have had no problems).

He is a private seller not a garage.

Thoughts anyone?
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I got my car off eBay, guy had had it on Autotrader for 2 weeks with no bites and only listed it on eBay as it was cheap week.
eBay is the main viewing ground now it would appear and I think some people put cars on Autotrader as well as eBay.
As long as you look round the car properly, cant see any issues at all. Yes there are some scammers, but they're are more honest people IMO.
I did win one on eBay last week, arranged to pick the car up on Wednesday, on Tuesday I checked the reg on car text checker, which came back stating it was a Cat C insurance write off. Needless to say I contacted the seller to ask why he didnt state that. Followed by a call to eBay to tell them.

I guess almost being burned has put me off eBay at least for spending this amount of cash.

I have actually seen and driven the car and it is great, its just the heated seats issue.
Dotn they have heated seats as standard then?

My 05 plate st tdci had them on - pre facelift too
I thought that all St's had heated seats
Exactly what I thought, and the reason I didn't buy this one.
damianbyrne said:
I did win one on eBay last week, arranged to pick the car up on Wednesday, on Tuesday I checked the reg on car text checker, which came back stating it was a Cat C insurance write off. Needless to say I contacted the seller to ask why he didnt state that. Followed by a call to eBay to tell them.
Could happen on Autotrader as well.
My car was only £1000 to buy but I still got a MEGer to do an HPI check on it before I bought it.
Which MEGer would this be, I will get the car checked before I hand over even a deposit....
Now known as Kiwi Avenger but dont know whether he still does this sort of thing, was over 2yrs ago I got my car.
OK - I now have a choice of 2

Black 06 - ST TDCi - 39k miles £8k


Blue 55 - ST TdCi - 55k miles £7495

interior looks like it has done more than 39k miles and my gut instinct is that it has, there was also no paperwork with,

Looks the works FSH & 1 owner, only issues were a hole in the carpet the cup holder in between front seats is cracked (annd the lighter was disconnected).
Also the sterring wheel wasnt straight when driving the car in a straight line - could this simply be tracking?,

advice greatly appreciated, I prefer the blue.....
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.... also the black one only had one key.
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