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ST220 Bumpers

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I have a Zetec S mondy but i would like to make it look like the ST220's. There is a silver one i pass on my way to work, from what i can tell the front bumper looks like mine but i know the back is different.

So are the fronts the same but with different fogs

Are the rear ones the same as the preface lift ST TDCI's before the chrome?
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front bumper is different, the fogs, the lower center grill is wider, and the whole bumper is wider slighty, thats why the wings need to be changed aswell, the back is a straight swap
oh right, thats good to know, do they look pretty much the same with only the size is different? just i wanted the lower grill mesh to match the upper grill.

Looks like it could be new bumpers all round
you can buy an lx lower grille and cut it to fit your lower grille looks much better few guys on here done that mod bud
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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