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Hi folks

Mine for 2 years, I'm an enthusiast owner and a bit of an OCD sufferer.
Performance blue
Fault and mark free other than slight stone chipping to the front.
Sump/crank seals, plugs, every filter and fluid, every suspension joint, arm and bush (front and rear) replaced, powder coated/polybushed rear subframe and full set of genuine Ford shocks just fitted.
ST225 front brake conversion, ATE coated discs and pads, Eibach springs, Milltek cat back exhaust and Alpine CarPlay double din head unit fitted, standard otherwise. Recent wheel refurbishment (diamond cut) Continental Sport Contact 5 tyres, new wheel centres and worn badging replaced. All standard spec plus rear heated seats, seat motor gearing upgraded to brass from flakey plastic, recent genuine mats.
Years MOT.


Dash cams, catch 'em out :)
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Ive got a question you may know an answer to.
In the pic showing the rear subframe you can see the brake pipe brackets that rivet to the bottom of the chassis.
Im just renewing the rivets on my rear brackets but when I drilled out the old ones they didn't seem to be Ford's normal 4.8mm blind rivets.
Any chance you can remember what size rivets you used?

This OCD business can be costly lol. It took me £95 in trying different paints to get the correct grey and sand colours for the underside :)
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