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st24 rear manifold gaskets

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Hi all,
can anybody tell me what the finis codes are for the rear manifold (and any others that need doing back from the mani) gaskets. Poor 24 sounds like a gokart come dumper truck atm :tonofbricks:

Thanks in advance =]
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Do you mean cylinder head to manifold gaskets? Got some at home in original packs, if they have the codes on I will let you know :)
think so yeah, do they come as singles or all in one gasket?

cheers fella :)
The code for manifold to cylinder head gasket is 7310890, both front and back appear identical.

I also have a gasket for y-pipe to cat that is no use to me because mine is a 3 hole and this is for the 2 hole design. Code is 6797187 :)
Beautiful - Thanks ever so much
ps - you know they make those plates for CVH/Zetec decomp ones for fitting EFI to the zetec lump. Does or has anyone made them for these? Albeit for slight spacing or to not need to repace gaskets? just a random lol
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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