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st24 sump - steel or alloy?

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Hi all,
my rear manifold fractured the other day when I checked underneath i have a leak on the sump plug. I went to a local place who can retap it for about £20-40 depending on what needs doing?
Are these sumps alloy or stell because it means how much it is. Steel bad, alloy good lol
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hi buddy, if im correct, the sump is alloy, as ive had one tapped and it was easy to get into it :)
nice one, the guy said its an easy job once they knew which material it was. just running around like a spaz getting bits done before jacking her up to give the manifold a kicking :)
why are you getting it retapped? If its just cleaning the current sump plug hole, then it shouldnt cost too much to retap,

if the sump is actually cracked, then that might be why the cost might be a bit more...

just curious as to why 20-40 pounds :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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