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ST24 Upgrades and Parts

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Hi all,

Having recently aquired an ST24 I want to make sure it's in tip top condition.

I'm in need of a place to order parts, namely;

LH & RH lower wishbones including bushes and bolts needed to fit (I would rather an OEM Ford part unless you know of any good pattern ones).

Auxiliary belt plus tensioner idler etc (basically everything you require to replace).

I also want to upgrade the brakes so....

I need front ST170 discs and calipers as I was told the MK3 calipers will not fit behind the 'turbine' alloys.

(Would you recommend going for Ford discs or uprated ones?)

I also require pads and braided hoses as well as some DOT 5.1 fluid?

If anyone could take the time to point me to a retailer and post some links I would be grateful as I've had a look and I'm lost.

Cheers in anticipation guys.
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Do you still want booking in for the other work mate ?
I do Shaun. Bear with me as I'm just trying to prioritise things at the moment.

You'll be hearing from me very soon.
Since local, should come down to our rolling road re-map day for a look :L
Actually that sounds like a good idea.

Have you got a date?

My work schedule is very busy at the moment, a weekend would be ideal.

Oh and by the way, mine is silver with anthracite wheels S reg.

Pike said: for your parts
I see the ST170 discs but £100 sounds steep for standard ford parts? Would uprated discs be better for a similar price?

I can't appear to find the auxiliary belt for the car either.

Cheers for the link
Heres the address of the rolling Road Re-maps, feel free to pop down for a natter.

Heres the address
Hi-Tech Motorsport
Unit 14, Lodge Forge Trading Estate
Cradley Road
Cradley Heath.
B64 7RW
Euro car parts
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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