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I have a 2003 (53 reg) Ghia X Mk3.
2 litre Duratorq (130 PS) diesel engine.
5 speed automatic transmission.

Over the past 3 days car has suffered complete engine stoppage 5 times.

1) Large roundabout in Milton Keynes controlled by lights. Pressing accelerator on green light, engine stopped completely. Was able to restart within about 1 minute. Continued on way.

2) Roundabout on outskirts of Milton Keynes. Engine stopped at entrance to roundabout. Was able to restart about 4 minutes later. No further problem on 30 mile journey to home.

3) Roundabout on outskirts of Thame (Oxfordshire)
Engine stopped after exiting from roundabout.
Was able to restart almost immediately. Continued on way to 4).

4) Same evening as 3), about 10 minutes later.
Engine stopped shortly after exiting from roundabout. Waited about 7-8 minutes before it would restart. No further problem on 10 mile journey.

5) This evening. Engine stopped just before roundabout (same one as in 2) above. Was able to restart after about 5-6 minutes. No further problem on 30 mile journey home.

Has this car taken a sudden dislike to roundabouts?

Earlier today car went to garage in MK, who diagnosed a blocked EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve. They reported that this was 'very dirty' when dismantled and they cleaned and re-installed it. This did not stop event No 5) above. So this doesn't appear to be the answer.

Other symptoms are an apparent loss of power and unwillingness to accelerate and engine sounds noisier than usual.

Car is high mileage (90K+) but is regularly maintained and serviced. Car is usually very reliable.

I would appreciate any ideas/suggestions that anyone has.

Many Thanks
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Have you ever had any trouble starting the car when the engine is hot/warm?
does the glow plug light flash?
If its generally happening on roundabouts Id say its related to the side forces on the car, moving a loose connection of either electronics or fuel. When you say it took 5 mins to start did you leave it an arbituary 5 mins before trying or was it 5 mins of attempting to start and leaving it for a bit inbetween? the second could mean a starvation of fuel and the time taken to restart is just purging air from the fuel lines.
Mine cut out the other day and took a couple of attempts to restart but am still waiting for my code reader to arrive, then i can nrrow it down bit, im hoping its just air getting in somewhere, or a blocked filter.
No Car always (usually) starts with no problems with engine hot or cold.

changed fuel filter? when was it done? There has been LOADS of problems with these dieing within 4000 miles after they have been changed
Glow plug light does flash.

Since my first post I have had 4 more occurrences.
1 0n my own drive just as I was moving off.
3 0n straight roads. No roundabouts so it doesn't seem to be only happening at roundabouts.

The 5 minutes is based on several tries at restart during this period.
Changed fuel filter about 2000 miles OK.
Could be that. Will take a look.
get error codes read maybe

or buy a reader even?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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