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Starting car without keyfob

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I've just bought a 99 T reg MK2 1.8 Petrol Mondeo, and know nothing at all about it - apart from I like it a lot. Wondering if anyone

can help, I apologize if this question has been answered many times, but I have searched here and on Google.

My keyfob sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, so I'm guessing it's packing in. Sometimes I have to walk around the car several

times pressing the unlock button, its starting to really get to me. And when I do manage to unlock it, its pratically impossible to lock it

with the fob. So am I right in thinking - its time for a new fob. Or would resetting it or programming it do the trick?

I've changed the battery in it. It hasnt made any difference to the fob.

Is it possible to unlock the car with the key in the door and then start the ignition, I was told you can only start the ignition by

unlocking the door with the keyfob. Because when I unlock with the key in the door, the immobiliser stops the car from starting. I can't

believe that you can't start the car without the keyfob. What if it was totally broken? :confused:

Anyway really appreciate any help from all you knowlegable Mondeo owners :laugh:
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The remote part of the key is completely separate from the PATS chip (immobilizer) and will not have a affect on the engine starting. If the remote locking stops working,just use the key in the door and you should have no problems starting it,unless you have other problems.
Well thanks for the swift reply, but I really don't understand. If I manually unlock with the key in the door. And then try to start the car, it won't start.

It will only start by unlocking the door from the fob - whats going on? Is it meant to be like this.
The central locking and immobilizer are two different things,and the key in the ignition always overrides everything else. It might have a aftermarket alarm and immobilizer that uses the ford key. What does the red led on the clock do when it won't start?
Right just been out to see what it does, was scared the alarm would go off, as it has done it a few times. When unlocked via the door, the key won't start the engine and then refuses to turn at all and the led goes out. Nothing will start the car, unless I get out lock the door manually because the lock button on the fob won't work sometimes - and locking the door manually sometimes locks and unlocks straight away. So I have to lock the car by the passenger door. And then unlock via the fob and then the key will turn and start the car - crazy I know. I might take it back, only had it a few days.
The car locking and then unlocking it's self straight away is a faulty door motor.

When you put the key in the ignition and switch it to position two the clock led LED should illuminate,the car reads the key and after two seconds the led will go out and the car should start. If there is a fault When you put the key in the ignition and switch it to position two the clock LED will flash rapidly to let you know there is a problem and the car will not start.
even if pats is active the engine should still turn over.
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