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Starting Problem.

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Some I've picked up this 2000 Mondeo MK2 1.8 Zetec-E.. I saw mad mole's website and a few others which said at the first sign the zetec engine isn't getting upto temperature... then either the water pump or thermostat have failed and this could destroy the engine... naturally I was worried that my dash guage never reaches more than a little over 1/4 so I changed the water pump and thermostat, flushed the block and radiator out, cleaned the expansion tank and filled with some nice new coolant. Guess what? The car still runs at the same temperature, so I'm guessing it's just an unreliable temperature sender... But at least I have piece of mind that my engine isn't going to boil over... This is besides the point...

I have a starting problem, seemingly from cold it gets a little better when warm but still not perfect... The car seems to need extended cranking before it will fire, the starter is good, no groans and it turns over the engine fine, the battery is strong and the spark plugs are brand new, the HT leads it seems are recent...

The only thing I can think of that would affect starting is the crankshaft sensor, am I right? If so where is it located exactly and how easy is it to swap out?

I'd really this my car to start on the first turn of the key.
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Could it be the Fuel System?

Could it be the Fuel Pump Relay?

Is there a fuel regulator on these?

I do notice alot of air pressurised in the fuel tank, when I remove the filler cap.
most mondeos indicate below halfway on the gauge so i dont think you have a problem there.
the poor starting maybe a failing lambda sensor, a faulty / dirty maf sensor or the temp sensor monitored by the ecu maybe duff not the one that controls the gauge.
also weeping fuel injectors that allow fuel to leak into the cylinders (when parked up overnight) and so flood the engine. rich will explain more about that i guess.
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