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starting problems

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hi all looking for a solution my car struggles to start at times when cranking it any help would be great
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When you turn off the engine next time, let her go off then press the accelerator down straight away for a second and see if she starts ok next time.
yeah i heard that but what causes this
Not sure exactly but pushing the accelerator down just after stopping the engine should draw new air into the system and make for a cleaner mix on re-start...I think :kaffeetrinker_2: .

The idea is that, immediately after turning off the ignition, you press down the accelerator about half way and hold it there for a few seconds. This means that as the engine dies it sucks in clean air.

The explanation for why this works is here: . Note that on my car like many others, this issue can occur even when it's stopped once fully warmed up. So, best to press the accelerator as described every time you stop.

Seems a very common issue which, presumably, Ford could fix if they fancied it.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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