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Hi guys, another little niggle that i want to sort out lol.

My mondeo seems to start fine about 80% of the time, but every now and then when you go to start she could turn over about 3-4 times before she will fire up, any of you guys had this typr of prob?

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Sounds like flooding. If it was started and maybe moved from drive to garage and stopped again or at least run for a very short time then it can flood the cylinders. Another cause could be leaking injectors. The fuel might be seeping from the injectors when the car is standing causing it to flood. Having the injectors ultrasonically cleaned usually helps cure this.
If you find the car is not starting, try holding the throttle to the floor when turning it over, as this cuts the fuel to the injectors causing the car to burn the residual fuel in the cylinders first.
Hi Glen, thanks for the post, the thing is last night i had came back from a 40 min drive so the engine was hot, i done a test, i turnt the engine off, started it and 1st time, turn off, start again first time, turn off and she cranked over 4 times before starting, this can all so happen if left over night, if the injectors were not sealing and leaking fuel, it should not have this prob when the engine is hot should it as it would burn off as soon as it hits the bore etc.
I had a similar thing, went away after I swapped the plugs and leads, engine started much easier.
well i put some redex in to day and gave the car the ragging off a life time, and now it seems to be fine, i have to admit when i put the key in and turn to pos II i do leave it for 1 - 2 sec when the fuel pump primes and starts on the 1st go, this could just be fluke or it could come back, i will keep an update on how it goes :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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