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Steady judder while cruising

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Just bought my first ford mondeo( 2002 2.0 Duratec) with full dealer service history. Everything fine in the car. At motorway speeds getting constant judder though not heavy but uncomfortable. No abnormal noise from engine bay. Even brought it to neutral while cruising but still getting the judder.

Appreciate any advise.Thx
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Wheels may need rebalancing?
Check tyres pressure and for any damage,had a 70/80mph judder was a duff tyre..
Just realized how stupid I am. Tyre pressure was really low ( 18psi) After topping up lot better. Will try in the motorway and take it to wheel balancing if required.

Thanks for your advises and apologize if i have wasted anyones time.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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