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Steering Rack

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Anyone know how much a new one of these costs?

If so can you maybe link to one online. would prefer genuine ford part.

Can anyone describe what the centraliser valve in the steering rack does? is it possible to replace it without requiring a whole new rack?
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Ebay, new one £325 +p&p Recons from £70

Europarts £210 if you exchange your item, extra £111 if you dont.
ford wanted £500 exchange for a rack

ebay provided one for £125 including postage to my door with 2 year warranty
That was good. I would imagine its labour intensive. How much did it cost to fit?
Anyone got any idea what is involved in replacing the steering rack?.... think mine is on its way out :(
lots as some peole may have you believe, or not a lot as i have found out when i was only charged a couple of hours labour to do the job

it's possible to do it without dropping the subframe which is what happened with mine

not too sure if it's a diy job though
That sounds promising.... i would say that if you can do it without dropping teh subframe then it can be a DIY job. I'd never drop the frame without ramps etc. Can anyone confirm if this is the case?
i havent seen any on ebay for that price.
What make did you buy. There are some on europarts for a reasonable price.
i put p a post about it and osmeone from here pointed me to a link for the rack for £125 delivered and not exchange, 2 odd years later it's still goign strong :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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