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Steering UJ, Common Failure

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Do these fail often?

Is the job as impossible as it appears?
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I didnt know the steering had a UJ. Not heard anyone mention having trouble with one or replacing one.

Where is the UJ?
Thats what I figured. UJ is under white plastic cover I've been told.

I think I need a new rack.
No, under the white plastic cover, is a rubber bush (on the steering shaft) but its a part of the rack, and cant be changed.

I think that there is a UJ on the steering coluum itself, but thats a part of the coluum itself (You cant change it), that goes to the steering rack
what is uj?...universal joint?, if so think there are 2 on the column,dont know about the rack,
Basically me steering is vague at the centre driving on motorways means constant little adjustments.

I about 5mm or so empty movement on the top of the wheel.

The guy at the tracking place, said its a "Mondeo Feature" ... but ... I dont think so LOL.
have you checked,
70 mm for the length compensator??

cut a peice of card to 70mm(or use a ruler) and make sure its set right.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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