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Sorry, not my Mondeo but Wifes Focus. Hope this is OK. Her Focus was bought new and came shod with Pirelli P6000's. This time last year, when the Fronts were worn out, the Rears were moved to the front and Goodyear NCT5's put on the rear. No abnormal wear on the old Pirellis, and car / steering wheel still driving straight once the were all moved about.
Today, the Pirellis on the front were replaced. The 2 NCT5's on the rear, were moved to the front and the new NCT5's put on the rear. Again, no abnormal wear on the Pirellis.
Now, the steering wheel sits at around 8 to 2 on a clock face instead of the normal 9 to 3. The car still appears to drive straight and has no nasty pulls. I've swapped the Left to the Right and vice-versa on both the front and the rear axles but this has made no difference.
My question is, is this simply down to the different make of tyre on the front or have the garage possibly caused this in some way. They had the whole car on it's jacking points with all 4 wheels hanging, exactly the same as when the wheels/bearings were being checked during it's MOT last June. No problems then.
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