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Stereo connection problems - ignition connection?

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First of all apologies to anybody who notices the duplicate post - I'm new to the site and posted this in the general section too as I didn't see the sub categories. Think its an electrical problem though so I've posted it here.

I have a problem that I don't seem to be able to find a solution to so I thought I'd post on here and see if anybody has any ideas.

I have recently tried to replace the original stereo (I think its the 4000RDS model) in my 2002 Modeo LX with a Kenwood stereo that I removed from my old car. I purchased a fascia to make up for the change in size and the necessary wiring harness. I connected everything up and it worked fine. I then tried to secure the stereo in place and in the process knocked the aerial connection out, so I had to pull the stereo back out again. It then stopped working. I can hear mechanical whirring which suggests power is getting to the stereo, but the unit doesn't work.

I then tried to return the Ford stereo to the car. Since I've played about with it, however, the Ford stereo will only come on in "1 hour" mode, suggesting that the ignition power isn't going to the unit. This could also be the reason why my Kenwood stereo stopped working.

All the wires seem connected and so if this is indeed the problem it may be that I've blown a fuse. I've tried to find a fuse diagram I can make sense of but no joy so far.

Does anybody have any ideas as to what might be the problem? Does anybody know which fuse relates to the ignition power wire that goes to the stereo?

Apologies for the length of this post - I wasn't sure how much detail might be needed.

Any help you can offer will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Blow the fuse, Link to the fuse information in my signature below.
Thanks - I took a look behind the glove box and fuse F69 had blown.

Tested another 7.5A fuse in temporarily and it worked as normal.

May be that my non-Ford stereo needs a higher ampage - I guess I'll know if it blows again. Cheers
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