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Sticking Throttle

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Hello, I have a 53 plate TDCI 130 with 142k on the clock and it has developed a bit of an annoying problem, after accelerating then depressing clutch/releasing throttle as in for gear changes, the revs do not fall away as they shoulf and fall pretty slowly, much slower than they should, often the revs will not fall to normal idle speeds either, staying at around 1200-1300rpm. Its not a major problem, but it does lead to jerkier driving and probably higher fuel consumption, and ideas would be very welcome!
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Some cars are meant to do that to aid smooth gear changes. Speed sensor detects your moving & doesnt shut the fuel off as it would if you just took your foot off the throttle.

Coasting in gear uses no fuel, Coasting in neutral or with the clutch depressed uses more fuel.
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