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Stock xenons on a 2003 TDCi a bit weak in the dark

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Hi folks,

I'm fairly new to Ford & Mondeo, plus, this is the first car I own to have Xenon lights. My first feeling about the lights was ok - but to be honest I did expect more light. Yesterday I was doing my regular motorway trip back home from was dark and raining....and I felt like the headlights weren't even turned on. The traffic signs and passed cars were illuminated well, but I could not say the same for the ground in front of me.

Did anyone experience the same? Are the Xenons in Mondeo self adjustable? Could it be that something is faulty or worth checking out?

Again, thank you very much for answers!

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They are self levelling headlights but if the battery has been disconnected or the headlights have been out, they will need recalibrating. A ford only job unless you know someone with IDS.

As your car is an 03, id consider changing your bulbs too. They do go dimmer after a while and need replacing.
Today the light has been perfect - it had to be worse due to the rain yesterday...
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