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strange codes and intermittent yellow spanner warning light (drivetrain fault, see handbook message)

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had the dreaded yellow spanner warning light come on yesterday (3 times, when i pushed it a bit (ok quite a bit) then had to ignition cycle to get it off each time) with what i think are strange codes for a car with 37600 miles (approx) on the clock. ive owned the car almost a year and have cleared any codes that were in the system around christmas when i was programming the mod to show actual tyre pressures on the dash display, so fairly sure theyre not 'historic' in the scheme of things
codes ar
U3003 - Battery Voltage Module - power steering control Module (steering seems fine just very occasionally seems to have a slight 'dead' spot momentarily when turning from straight as though the power steering has shut off until needed) this im not excessively concerned about at this point but would be nice to know what, if anything, it is.

B1166 - right front puddle lamp output additional symptoms - short circuit to battery or open module - Drivers door module im guessing this is just a failed bulb or similar and of no real concern. but my main worry is (given the cars' low mileage)

P06DD - Engine oil Pressure Control Circuit performance/Stuck off Status -previously set DTC - not present at time of request (the ignition had been cycled), MIL light OFF for this DTC, test not complete (whatever that means)

now if this means what i think it means then the lack of any oil light presence on the dash before start up (seemingly normal) has always concerned me but why is a sub 38k mile car suffering oil pressure issues is more of a concern!

anyone had this issue and got to the bottom of it? i know the car will be due its service soon (on time and miles since the last one according to the 'digital' handbook/ford service interval checker online) but surely the oil should outlast the service intervals well enough to not put up a low pressure (im guessing) warning?

any help greatfully accepted.

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Try and reset the Battery Control Module then see if any of these issues return.
If the engine oil is thickened up it may need to be thinned down a bit to ensure the oil is circulating properly for the variable valve timing to operate efficiently.
thanks ill give it a go. battery hasnt been touched, to my knowledge and the start/stop thing seems to work fine. oil seems thin enough comparing it to oil that came from my old mk4 facelift with the same viscosity (in theory) oil. last service (before my ownership) was at a FORD stealer so you would HOPE they put the correct viscosity oil in it!
P06DD - Engine oil Pressure Control Circuit performance/Stuck off Status is 99% the Oil Pressure Solenoid which is a pretty common fault. Easy job can be done in about 45 mins. Available for around the £100 mark.
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