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Strange interior lights/LED

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Recently upgraded all my interior lights to LED bulbs, but only tonight did I notice that all are lit permantly very, very dimmly. They all work as normal whan opening doors , unlocking , locking etc etc and the switch turns them off completely or on , but are dimmly lit when in the door postion.
I have checked the fuse , all door switches and the wiring to the actual lights but they seem fine.
The fact that I can turn them off completely with the switch sugests something to do with the door switches...
Anyone shed any light ? excuse the pun

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This is normal. The dimming circuit passes a small current when off, which isn't enough to light a bulb but will trigger at least one of the LEDs if you have no bulbs on the circuit.

Solutions - ignore it, fit a bulb somewhere, put a suitable resistor in parallel with one of the LEDs (47 ohms would do).
Thanks mark , I guessed you would know this one. ;)

That makes sense because I had done all the bulbs bar one , it wasnt untill the last bulb went LED did I notice it.
Im quite happy to ignor it , kinda cool back lighting effect... as long as I know it wont flatten the battery.. Im going outside now to check if the battery saver has kicked in or not.

Thanks again.

PS. Is the boot light linked to the dimming curcuit ????? wouldnt mind a normal bulb in there as I have LED strip lighting in the boot.
boot is not effected by it :L

as for worries about flat batteries then dont worry if your battery was OK with normal bulbs in the car then you wont have any problems with LEDs glowing as ford covered that problem with the addition of the battery saver relay ( which after 20 mins will kill all power to the interior lighting system anyway :L )
Thanks guys , I'll leave it as it is then :woot:
I have the same problem with the footwell light. I switched to LED but the thing is, that now it turns my alarm on after 20-30 minutes when it is locked... is there any solution for it? will the resistor help?
the resistor should help. the problem is the alarm is noticing a draw on the battery as if a door had been opened and the courtesy light comes on. i am surprised that an led is causing enough power draw to trigger the alarm though. the draw usually needs to be about 10 watts which is usually a tungsten bulb?
Mine hasn't effected the alarm in any way at all..
I can't see how such a small current would activate the alarm... the ticking of the clock probably uses more current..
the problem will be the alarm will be noticing the battery saver relay kicking in & not the draw itself which has always been there even with the filament bulbs ( sudden loss of a steady draw is probably the trigger for the alarm - ie suspecting someone has cut somat to gain entry :L )

eaiest way to stop the glow ( if you cant find a suitable resister or that plan does not work right ) will be to wire in a single filament bulb thats hidden out of teh way & out of sight etc & this will soak up the power away from the LED's preventling the glow & may even sort out the alarm issue if you had no alarm problems before the LEDs went in.

if the alarm issue does not go away it may need to be re-programmed etc as it sounds like the power monitor settings on it are just too sensitive at the minute :(
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