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strange rush of water????

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Sometimes when i start my car i can hear a rush of water coming from dash area has anybody got any ideas on where it may be coming from. I have no leaks so water not escaping anywhere and the car still runs well. Hopefully someone will have an idea. Cheers in advance
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does your heater get hot might be a air lock in the system
no hotter/colder than whats set on digital display, there is a very cold draft tho coming from stereo if thats got anything to do with it
I had a similar problem which sounded like water rushing round cooling system in the car. Topped up the water in the cooling system which was a bit low and the noise has gone so give that a go.
cheers feller, water levels are fine and seems to be that first start of the day or when stood for a long period. No worries will keep my eye on water levels
it happens on my 2001 ghia x too , i keep an eye on my levels, but in the morning i still get the rush of fluid noise when its been sat .. :}
ok i recon whats happening there is the top of the heater rad or matrix is that bit higher that the head and so when she stands for a few hours the air bubble that i think you have gets to the higher point i.ei the heater matrix and so when you start up the pump is pushignt that air bubble out and around the system..the fix is to get the system vented soo if you can take one of the heater hoses that connect from the engine to e the heater matrix disconnected and loosen at the highest point to vent the system .rember the heatre water only circulates to the matrix when the engin temp has risen sufficently to open the engine stat so no use trying to vent on a cold engine but watch out for hot water and im sure there is another guy on here that has a fix for venting the heater matrix i just cant rember it right noow but mabey if you reenter the problem under the heading ..heater matrix venting ...yourll get a better idea..s
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