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Struggling with garages..

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Hoping someone can advise on the following....

Didn't get any responses to this post --->

So thought I'd phone a few garages to get a quote for labour only on changing rear subframe bushes, anti roll bars, drop links and hand brake cables.

A few garages were unwilling to do the work, one wasn't sure what drop links were and kept referring to them as the ARB links - are the drop links known by another name he asked? I wasn't sure. Anyone know?

Also got Flo-Flex bushes and was told that they need the be binded and left on ramps for 24 hours before subframe can be reset - sure I've read this is not the case but if someone can clarify for me please.

Got all this stuff ready to fit and struggling to get anywhere! :tonofbricks:

Thanks in advance
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hI ARB anti roll bar there are bushings on the antirolll bar .the drop links are integral parts of the suspension system and are linkiing the wishbones upper to lower ..but before i go further i have to say that no garage wants to fit parts supplied by the customer for various reasons and if I were you and hadent a clue about these jobs i would definitly look for a friendly local mechanic or buy a good Haines manual and try fitting them myself thats is of course if you have a mechanical apptitude and like to get your hands oily .
Cheers mate. Think I'll have to use my regular as opposed to scouting around for costs.

Whilst I have the Haynes manual (came with the car) and don't mind getting my hands dirty, am completely useless with cars - even struggle to change a wheel! Took 6 hours for me to install parking sensors. Gave up trying to change the manifold flaps after staring at the engine for over an hour! That pretty much sums up the extent of my uselessness with cars :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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